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> Someone asked:
> >I'm running 2.0.3 with auth being handled by an NT PDC.  It seems that
> >some Win95 clients (namely those with later releases of the OS) have
> >problems authenticating.  I've got encrypt passwords = yes but it still
> >seems only the old Win95 clients (clear text passwords) can auth without
> >problems.
> >Can someone shed some light on this for me?
> Well, its like this:
> Win95 responds with clear text passwords when the server asks
> for clear text passwords. Win95 responds with encrypted passwords
> when the server asks for encrypted passwords. 
> Win98 will respond with encrypted passwords only. It won't
> except clear text password requests. (Unless you change the
> registry.) 
> So if you have got encrypted passwords = yes, Win95 will respond
> with encrypted passwords only, since the server, i.e. Samba, asks
> for it. 
> I don't know the later fixpacks for Win95. At least the first
> one still allows clear text passwords, though I wouldn't use it.
> You haven't changed the registry of these newer releases? Maybe
> they work like Win98. So if you change the registry to clear text
> password nothing would work.

Win95 with the vredir update will require the same reg hack to 
enable PlainText passwords.  See here for M$ update info(win98 too):

However, if an NT PDC is doing the authentication, it shouldn't 
matter what the samba setting is (encrypted vs. plaintext).  I 
don't have access to NT server to check this.  What's the 
version/service pack of the PDC?  Maybe Jerry needs to chime in 


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