2.0.4b/rh60/smbstatus: European characters (accented)

Giulio Orsero giulioo at tiscalinet.it
Sun Jun 27 11:40:57 GMT 1999

On Sat, 26 Jun 1999 03:37:47 +1000, hai scritto:

Well, after 4 months no one explained me why I have this problem :-)

However I did some tests:

The output of smbstatus in samba-1.9.18 and in all samba 2.0.x is different.

for the characters: àèìòùé  (aeioue with accents)

1.9.18 outputs correctly the localized chars and analyzing with "od -bc" the
output I see that it is:

2.0.x output incorrectly the same chars (or maybe I misconfigured my systems,
but it's the same on Caldera and the new rh60), "od -bc" shows:

for samba 2.0.x I need to use
smbstatus|tr '\205\212\215\225\227\202' '\340\350\354\362\371\351'
and all is ok :-)

If someone can explain me this I'm still waiting :)

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