ATTN Jamie Thompson: Authentication Issues

Ashvin Mysore ashvin at
Sun Jun 27 07:46:33 GMT 1999

I was having the exact same problem, where the NT4 box complains, "The
client is not authorized to login  from this station." or something to
that effect. The problem is that the Samba machine is not set up to use
encrypted passwords, and NT requires them by default. You can either
change a setting in the NT registry, making it allow clear-text logins,
or you can set up your Samba box to use encrypted passwords.

I found it easy (and probably more secure) to set up the Samba box to
use encrypted passwords. In your /etc/smb.conf, insert a line (in the
[global] section):

encrypt passwords = yes

You will then have to use the command "smbpasswd -a USERNAME PASSWORD"
at the command line to add users to Samba's encrypted password file.

Instructions on how to edit the entry are available in Samba Digest
2145, if you choose to make it work that way.

Hope that helps!


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