Password caching and smbsh

Matthew Vanecek mev0003 at
Sat Jun 26 13:34:38 GMT 1999

First off, I don't know if this is password caching revisited with a
vengeance or what.  It's very inconsistent for the amount of time the
share will stay mounted. I *think* the following are the relevant
messagess in the log:
Jun 23 22:24:36 reliant kernel: smb_trans2_request: result=-32, setting
Jun 23 22:24:36 reliant kernel: smb_retry: caught signal 

And of course, I get the I/O error when trying to access the errant
mount.  Has anyone else experienced this problem with 2.0.4b? and how to
fix it? And why smbumount won't work on these mounts, but I have to su
to root to umount them?  What would happen in a commercial setting, and
the roots weren't available to umount the share? The command I use to
mount the share is:

smbmount //winnt/g$ XXXXXXXX -c 'mount mnts'

and to unmount the share:

su -c 'umount mnts'  (most irritating--shouldn't have to be root to do

Also, smbsh keeps seg faulting.  I'm running RH 6.0 and kernel 2.2.10. 
got samba compiled, installed and running OK, as well as smbmount, but
smbsh keeps crashing.   As root, all it does is segfault.  As a user, it
and dumps core.  The username/password don't seem to make a difference;
I could type gibberish for all it matters.  I actually installed samba
to a sane location (/usr/local) instead of following Redhat's own unique
file system standard.

My smb.conf file has stayed the same, except for one little addition:
"status=yes".  This, it turns out, is another problem.  Or is it a fix?
2.0.3 did not require this option, defaulting as it did to "status=yes"
anyhow.  Did this behavior change deliberately in 2.0.4b?  STATUS..LCK
refused to be created until I explicitly specified (what was supposed to
be) the default setting of "status=yes" in smb.conf, which of course,
caused smbstatus to not work right and generated a couple of other
errors, which disappeared with the addition of that setting.

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