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Johann Zuschlag jozuschlag at
Sat Jun 26 10:03:59 GMT 1999

>I'm running 2.0.3 with auth being handled by an NT PDC.  It seems that
>some Win95 clients (namely those with later releases of the OS) have
>problems authenticating.  I've got encrypt passwords = yes but it
>still seems only the old Win95 clients (clear text passwords) can
>auth without problems.

>Can someone shed some light on this for me?

Well, its like this:

Win95 responds with clear text passwords when the server asks for clear text passwords.
Win95 responds with encrypted passwords when the server asks for encrypted passwords.

Win98 will respond with encrypted passwords only. It won't except clear text password requests. (Unless you change the 

So if you have got encrypted passwords = yes, Win95 will respond with encrypted passwords only, since the server, i.e. 
Samba, asks for it.

I don't know the later fixpacks for Win95. At least the first one still allows clear text passwords, though I wouldn't use it. 
You haven't changed the registry of these newer releases? Maybe they work like Win98. So if you change the registry to 
clear text password nothing would work.

Hope this helps.



Johann Zuschlag
jozuschlag at

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