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Sat Jun 26 01:09:38 GMT 1999

On 25 Jun 99, Viraj Dixit had questions about BSDI Unix:

> Hi: First time user of Samba. All I am trying to do is make one
> of the directory on the  BSDI system be visible to NT
> environment. I have played around with smb.conf file and read
> most of the stuff and can't get this to be seen in network
> neighborhood. Any help will be great..Thanks..vJ 

What can you see with Net View?  Can you find it by name or IP 
using Find Computer?  Have you gone through the Diagnosis.txt 
steps?  If you can't see samba in NetHood, then its NetBIOS name 
isn't known by the WINS server (or your local NT box).  I assume 
you're not running NetBlooie on the windoze side; samba requires 
NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the windoze boxes (and sometimes windoze 
gets confused running multiple protocols).  Who is the local master 
browser for your workgroup?  You need to be able to resolve NetBIOS 
names (via WINS, lmhosts, DNS proxy, etc) in order to build a 
browse list, and someone needs to be your local master browser.  I 
recommend samba as your LMB and WINS server.  Although your 
situation may not allow that, it's probably the most stable 
possible setup.  Clients should also have all available updates and 
patches (all for win9x, up to SP3 for NT).


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