2.0.4b/rh60/smbstatus: European characters (accented)

Giulio Orsero giulioo at tiscalinet.it
Fri Jun 25 13:54:41 GMT 1999

character set = iso8859-1
client code page = 850

Through win9x I save a file, whose filename contains characters as: à è ì ò ù,
on a samba share.

I can see those filenames (on a samba share) ok through win9x explorer.
I can see those filenames ok through ls on linux.

If I open one of those file, and then look at locked files with smbstatus,
they are showed with a LF in place of the localized characters.

That is:
a file named 


is showed as


Instead of 
as it would be correct and as it works in samba 1.9.18

I've already post about this 4 times. I hope someone will answer this time :)

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