Samba in Network Neighborhood

Crilly, Jim jcrilly at
Fri Jun 25 16:56:18 GMT 1999

Just thought I would mention that I think I found the reason samba does not
show up in network neighborhood for some people. While I was having the same
problem recently I noticed that it always showed up for people that had a
vaild account and password.

This may only be true for master browsers, but what I believe is happening
is that the workstation tries to login to the BM when it asks for the browse
list and since the account or password was not valid it didn't get in. 

What I did to remedy this was set "guest account = nobody" so there was a
valid guest account, and globally set "guest ok = yes" so guest access is
allowed to all shares by default and set "guest = no" on per share basis, I
believe this lets "nobody" login to the IPC$ share to get the browselist.

I maybe way off, but so far this is working for me.

Jim Crilly
Management Science Associates

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