SAMBA question on Windows2000.

Alex Don dongping at
Thu Jun 24 11:33:36 GMT 1999

Hello all,
      I have just installed samba on my linux machine, but failed to
browse Linux resources from a Windows2000 machine.  But if i changed
the 'security = user' to 'security = share', i can browse linux from
Windows2000 box, i don't think i have problems with the connections. I
guess there must be something wrong with the password authentication
methods. I read the Win95.txt and another WinNT articles in the samba
pack but have trouble to find both the REG keys it mentioned.
There is no such a sub-hive called 'Rdr' as the NT articles mentioned.
nor one called 'VNETSUP' but there do exist VxD hive.  I don't know
what wrong i have done wrong.
      When i click the ICON stands for the linux box, it showes me a
dialogbox saying that "The credentials supplied confict with an
existing set of credentials", using "Net View" returns "Access is
      I also read the DISAGNOSIS.txt file and find it says " enable
passwords AFTER compiling in support for encrypted passwords(refer to
the Makefile)'"  What does it mean?
      I'm still a new comer to Linux world, and hope you can help me.

Best regards
Alex Don
mailto:dongping at

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