Connection PC - Amiga by means of Samba !

BOROVICKA Michael e9325136 at
Thu Jun 24 22:27:23 GMT 1999

Hello there !

My Intention was to connect both the Amiga & PC to some sort of Network, and
it had to be over the serial port, because Networkcards form Amiga are
rather expensive.
As I came up with this idea, I found some information from another person,
who has already thried that, but said no word about installing samba.

The connection worked, both computers can ping eachother over TCP/IP, but I
seem to be not smart enough to install samba. This is maybe I don't know
much about networking (both amiga(Linux) and PC).

So, if someone has an idea, please help me out.
I have tried to follow the DIANGNOSIS.txt from the package to the step,
where a password is required (Test7), but I don't know which it is, also
the "net"-command is not avaliable on amiga.
To some section, the samba-software works ( I get information from the PC,
which shares are avaliable ),
but on the PC-side(win95), the "gesamtes Netwerk"-Drawer can not be opend.

If someone can help me, I would be very happy.

Kind regards

Michael from Vienna.

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