Problems with smbpasswd -j DOMAIN

Duane Davis duane.davis at
Thu Jun 24 19:04:04 GMT 1999

Good luck finding an answer to this. I've been fighting with the same
problem for over a week now and have posted to the list twice asking
for help. I've gotten a couple suggestions, none of which has made any

I have the "teach yourself samba in 24 hours" and it hasn't helped
I'm awaiting another samba book that I have on order in the hopes that
it will provide a clue.

If you do figure it out please let me know.


Andrash Kovach wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have the following  problem with smbpasswd:
> I would like to use a real WinNT PDC for authentication purposes, and
> regitered the computer account in the PDC.
> When I trying to run smbpasswd -j DOMAINNAME, I get the folloing
> testlin:~ # smbpasswd -j DOMAINNAME
> modify_trust_password: machine rejected the session
> setup. Error was : code 131.
> 1999/06/24 21:41:29 : change_trust_account_password: Failed to change
> password for domain DOMAINNAME.
> Unable to join domain DOMAINNAME.
> Can anybody help me, what is happening?
> Andrash Kovach

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