Strange files

Jon Delheimer jon at
Thu Jun 24 19:06:46 GMT 1999

I've seen these kinds of files appear after printing to a network printer.
My Desktop folder resides in-place on a Samba server and these files
sometimes appear on the Desktop after printing to a network printer. Ne00:
is the name of a network printer port.

I do not know what causes this.

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> Hello,
> I am using Samba 2.0.3 on my FreeBSD 2.2.7 box.
> Works fine.
> It is already running for a few months with a small amount of windows95
> users and last week we decided to move all our userfiles from our SCO box
> with visionfs over to the Samba machine.
> No problems so far.
> But, strange files are appearing in the directorys of the NT40 workstation
> users.
> Under Unix they look like Ne00: or Ne01: or Ne04: and so on.
> The highest I have seen is Ne05:
> Once they are there the stay the same.
> If you look at them from the windows machine they look like Ne01~go.
> As far as I see they get written by the NT client (UID) and only if he
> looked in that directory from his machine.
> It is not nessesary to open a file.
> I am almost convince it is not a virus, we use Sophos with the latest
> updates and I do not see the files on the desktops.
> I loked on the SCO but I did not see them there as wel, only on the Samba
> machine.
> question:
> Did anybody see this before?? is it a Samba bug or a NT bug.
> Has it to do with very long filenames???
> regards Robert Soen
> rsoen at

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