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Thu Jun 24 18:44:42 GMT 1999


I am using Samba 2.0.3 on my FreeBSD 2.2.7 box.
Works fine.
It is already running for a few months with a small amount of windows95
users and last week we decided to move all our userfiles from our SCO box
with visionfs over to the Samba machine.
No problems so far.
But, strange files are appearing in the directorys of the NT40 workstation
Under Unix they look like Ne00: or Ne01: or Ne04: and so on.
The highest I have seen is Ne05:
Once they are there the stay the same.
If you look at them from the windows machine they look like Ne01~go.
As far as I see they get written by the NT client (UID) and only if he 
looked in that directory from his machine.
It is not nessesary to open a file.
I am almost convince it is not a virus, we use Sophos with the latest
updates and I do not see the files on the desktops.
I loked on the SCO but I did not see them there as wel, only on the Samba 

Did anybody see this before?? is it a Samba bug or a NT bug.
Has it to do with very long filenames???

regards Robert Soen
rsoen at

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