problem starting samba daemon

Judy Lipofsky lipofsky at
Thu Jun 24 18:29:55 GMT 1999

Hi All,
I have installed Samba-1.9.18 on my unix server (Solaris 2.6) to allow
Win98 clients to share the printer on the unix server.  As instructed, I
put the startup script, S87Samba, in /etc/rc2.d.
My problem is that whenever the server is rebooted, the daemon APPEARS to
be running correctly, i.e. ps shows that it is running with the proper
parameters, but clients can't print.
However, if I kill the daemon process and restart it, (/etc/rc2.d/S87Samba
everything works fine.  The ps looks identical in both cases.
Do I need to put S87Samba somewhere else?  (I tried /etc/rc3.d with the
same result.)
Any help would be appreciated.

Judy Lipofsky
UNIX System Administrator
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