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Craig Weatherhead cweather at fastenal.com
Thu Jun 24 17:17:34 GMT 1999


 I am trying to define a share that is write accessible by only a two
individuals, and read-only for a few other individuals. Everyone else
doesn't get access to the share.

 My smb.conf entry for the share is below

  comment = Soldrequest polling share
  path = /soldrequest
  read only = yes
  guest ok = no
  valid users = user1,user2,user3,user4,user5,user6,user7,user8
  write list = user9
  force user = test
  force create mode = 744     

 I am running 2.0.4b on a Solaris 2.6 platform. I am running Samba on
the Sun machine in security=DOMAIN mode. I am successfully a part of the
NT domain, and the users that are listed on the "valid users" line can
browse the share just fine without write access like I want them to.
 My problem lies in the fact that the "write list" line has two users
defined as having write access to the share....user9 ( which has an
account on the Sun machine ), and user10 (which doesn't have an account
on the Sun machine ).
 When user9 connects to the share, the connection is successfully forced
to the "test" user defined on my Sun box. My problem lies in the fact
that user10 in the "write list" line doesn't have a Unix login-id on the
Sun machine, so when user10 tries to connect to the share, my log tells
me that the "test" user isn't defined in
/usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd file.
 Isn't there a way to have a person connect to the Unix machine ( who
doesn't have a local Unix account but has a valid NT domain login ) and
force them to a specific Unix login-id as I'm trying to do with my
"force user = test" line?
 Where does authentication take place? I'm in DOMAIN security mode. My
"password server" entry in my smb.conf file is set properly. Everything
works except for user10. The only difference with user10 is that user10
is a proper login within the NT Domain, but there is no user10 on the
Sun box.
 Is there a way I can have user10 connect to the share specified and
force them to the "test" user on the Sun box ( which is a valid Sun
login-id on my machine )?.....I'm kind of stuck?
 I'd rather not have to create a "user10" login-id on my Sun box if I
don't have to, and I don't want to maintain a smbpasswd file (hence the
security=DOMAIN setup).
 Any suggestions?

Craig Weatherhead
Fastenal Company
Systems Administrator
Phone:	(507)-453-8146
Fax:	(507)-453-8333
E-mail:	cweather at fastenal.com

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