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Szabo Akos fonya at
Thu Jun 24 13:53:24 GMT 1999

I forward this message, because, my problems, are the same:


Hi everyone,

This has already been addressed a couple of times, but none of the
solutions proposed up to now seem to help in my installation (I've 
already tried the samba settings suggested by =R= on 16 Jun 99, to no
avail). I have a Linux box running SuSE 6.0 and kernel 2.2.10, 
netatalk-1.42b2+asun2.1.3, and  Samba 2.0.4b. Individually, all of the
components seem to work correctly, but together they have some 
problems. I am using the box to transfer data between 5 macs and about
75 NT/Warp/Win98 pcs. It works fine until the macs write a file 
containing a "/" or "\" or ">". These characters are being improperly
"munged" by Samba, resulting in various weird side effects - infinitely

recursing sub-dirs (clicking on a subdir in the explorer produces a
copy of the sub-dir within itself), files where the :xx encoding from
is not properly decoded (a:2fbc is presented as a2fbc~$e, for example)
and worst, BSODs in NT kernel (on the client!) after attempting to 
close an open explorer window.

I realize that some (or maybe most) of these problems are not strictly
within netatalk, but netatalk does seem to be a major player in them. I

also can't believe that I am the only person using these tools in this
way. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Is there any coordination between asun and the samba team to address
these issues?

thanks in advance,

Steve Davis

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