Samba working but not in Network Neighbourhood

Stéphane Fromholtz Stephane.Fromholtz at
Thu Jun 24 12:37:57 GMT 1999

Hie all,

I've got samba 2.0.4a working well on a SuSE Linux 6.1 box, using
NT 4 SP4 clients a net use u: \\LINUXBOX\UserName works very well
but when I double click on the samba server icon in the network neigh-
bourhood I got a message

\\LINUXBOX is not accessible
RPC (Remote Procedure Call) protocol error.

As I said I can use my server with net use but it doesn't want me in
net. neigbourhood. What's wrong in my smb.conf ?

I'm using security = server, and an NT PDC is checking the passwords
for samba.

thanks in advance.


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