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Wed Jun 23 20:37:14 GMT 1999

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> On Thu, 24 Jun 1999 00:51:20 +1000, hai scritto:
> >"testparm" gives no errors. However, "smbstatus" results in the following message:
> >
> >Couldn't open status file /var/lock/samba/STATUS..LCK
> touch /var/lock/samba/STATUS..LCK
> or 
> open a file from a win machine in order to make samba create it for you.
Maybe there´s another reason for the mentioned "error".
Locking and locking-reporting via smbstatus worked fine on all but a few machine here.
After some investigation we found that on the faulty machines, samba used /var/lock and not /var/lock/samba as on the other machines.
I put "error" in quotes above because samba itself worked always fine - only smbstatus didn´t report anything.

Now we have a "lock directory = /var/lock/samba" statement in all of our smb.conf´s ;-)

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