Big problems

Jason Pickering jpickeri at
Wed Jun 23 19:09:05 GMT 1999

I have posted a few messages earlier redgarding the lack of a STATUS..LCK file. I have
progressed a bit further on the advice of some nice people on this list serve. Now, I seem to
have the follwing problem with samba 2.0.4b on Linux 2.2.6 runnning on a Motorola StarMax 3000.

after executing smbstatus, i get this message:

Samba version 2.0.4b
Service		uid	gid	pid	machine
WARNING smb_shm_open : filsize (0) !=expected size (1048576), using filesize
ERROR smb_shm_vaildate_header : shmem not mapped
ERROR smb_shm_open : corrupt shared mem file, remove it manually
ERROR smb_shm_unregister : couldn't find pid 11530 in file
ERROR; Failed to initialise share modes!
Can't initalise shared memory exiting

Way over my head... any clue for the gurus out there?

Jason Pickering

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