v1.9.18p10 much more robust with security=server than v2.04

Emrich Michael (QI/LBS3-RT) * Michael.Emrich at de.bosch.com
Wed Jun 23 13:26:23 GMT 1999

> 'password server NTPDC rejected the password'
> That appears a few times in the logfile. That is not always a problem,
> but in about 10% of all cases.
> Very ugly is the fact, that iif this happened after a few password-tries
> the NT-useraccount is locked out.
> With samba v1.9.18p10 that was never a problem. I switched the
> between the two servers, but nothing changed (no hardware-dependencies).
> The server with v2.0x has always the problem.
> Question : Are there some smb.conf-parameters or timeout-constants in the

Hello samba-list-reader,

I have the same Problems (Version 2.0.3) does anybody know a solution.
Thanks a lot in advance to all who will answer, please email me.

M. Emrich

Robert Bosch GmbH ; QI/LBS3-Rt; Postfach 1342; 72703 Reutlingen
Tel: (07121)/35-4018; Fax: -2687; Internet: Michael.Emrich at de.bosch.com

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