Jason Pickering jpickeri at
Wed Jun 23 14:37:57 GMT 1999

	I have just installed the following system and am having trouble accessing the SAMBA server. I posted a message the other
day, but I haven't received a response so, i thought thought I would try again. 

Machine = StarMax 3000/603e
System= Linux 2.2.6
Distribution = LinuxPPC R5 

	Here is the problem.  The machine is apparently visible on the network. I can see it from the other Win95 machines.
"testparm" gives no errors. However, "smbstatus" results in the following message:

Couldn't open status file /var/lock/samba/STATUS..LCK

I have followed the "Diagnosing Samba FAQ" but didn't get very far. Can someone help this newbie out please?

Jason Pickering
jpickeri at

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