Logon.bat with samba

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Jun 23 13:25:32 GMT 1999

Ralf Christmann wrote:
> I've tried to make out of my samba 2.0.3 server a logon server.
> I' ve set
> domain logons = Yes
> domain master = No

set this to yes.  domain controller (logon server) must 
be the domain master browser. 

> local master =Yes
> os level = 65
> preferred master =Yes
> login script = logon.bat
> but:
> wins support = No
> I made a share as recommended [netlogon] and place there a logon.bat.
> The logon.bat contains
> net use z: \\servername\public
> for testing if the logon.bat is excecuted by login to the server.
> But it isn't excecuted!

In the network control panle for Windows 9x clients, you 
should add 

	Client for Microstf Networks
	Network Adapter

In the properties for the Microsoft Client, Check the box 
that says "Logon to Windows NT domain" and enter the name 
of the Samba domain.

Hope this helps,
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