2.0.2 looses local master browser

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at ensco.com
Tue Jun 22 15:51:29 GMT 1999

On Monday, 21 June, Linux Admin <wt at electro-mechanical.com> asked 
about this:  

> -- smb.conf --
>    os level = 128
>    domain master = yes
>    local master = yes
>    preferred master = yes
> --
> I have a machine setup to be local and domain master browser for my
> company. (2 other machines across the wan are local browsers for that
> building).  We have >20 win95 machines in each building and I noticed that
> my machine quit being lmb.  Before today, the os level was 254 (I had
> another machine with 255 but I decided to move everything to this machine
> as far as browsing goes).  But now, when some windows machines boot, they
> grab lmb and then this machine and it fight continuously, both wins (every
> other time it's one or the other)
> What can be done?

I'm not sure what's going on here (what version of samba/linux 
kernel are you running?), but samba should be winning the browser 
battles with no problems.  If you're running samba 2.x you could 
try the latest CVS snapshot; if you're still running 1.9.x, I'd 
make sure you have the latest rpm (you can find various versions of 
samba rpm's in RedHat's update directories for each version of 
RedHat) - I think it's 1.9.18p10-5.  If you don't run RedHat, you 
can still use rpm packages if you get an rpm utility.

On the client side, you can disable win95's browser election stuff 
in Network Properties.  Go to File & Printer Sharing properties and 
set Browse Master to disable (the default is Auto).  This will stop 
win95 from entering browser election battles (there's also a 
similar option for winNT).


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