No network neighborhood

Leslie (Les) M Barstow barstlm at
Tue Jun 22 14:10:25 GMT 1999

Recently, we made a switch from 1.9.18 to 2.0.3.
Under 1.9.18, we had local master turned off to prevent a
browser election war.  However, under some network configurations,
(where the system was alone on a Workgroup), the system would, quite
appropriately, not appear in the network neighborhood.

So for 2.0.3 we changed the config file to allow election participation
(local master = yes).  However, now we can't see systems in a standalone
workgroup (WORKGROUP, security = SHARE) from our regular
domain (DOMAINA, security = SERVER; or Windows systems in the domain),
which is on the same subnet.

Other than the 'local master' change, the only other changes were
socket options and the addition of the 'map to guest = Bad User'

Any ideas?

Les Barstow

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