Authentication problems with Windows clients

Levent Gündogdu levon at
Tue Jun 22 10:03:22 GMT 1999

Hi Des.

As I understand this, smbclient sends plain passwords to Samba. Enable Windows
to use plain passwords for network connections (.reg-files reside in the docs
directory of your samba distribution).

Alternately you may wish to make samba accept encrypted passwords by setting
'encrypt passwords = yes' in your smb.conf file and adding each user's password
to the samba-hash-file by using 'smbpasswd -a [user] [password]'.

Hope it helps...


> I have installed Samba 2.0.4b on AIX 4.3.1 but cannot get it to
> authenticate Windows clients.  The error that I get is 'The password is
> incorrect'.  However when I use smbclient on the AIX box to connect to the
> shared resource it connects no problem.  The only way that I can get a
> Windows client to connect is by putting the server into share mode and
> setting the share as guest allowable.  Like I said earlier I have no
> problem connecting to the share in user mode using a userid and password if
> I use smbclient on the AIX box.

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