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Mon Jun 21 02:20:23 GMT 1999

>Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 08:45:24 -0400 (EDT)
>From: "Sean E. Millichamp" <sean at>
>To: Jonathan Kelly <j.kelly at>
>Subject: Re: The samba recycle bin clarified
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>On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Jonathan Kelly wrote:
>> > Unless I am wrong, the "Recycle Bin" works only on LOCAL drives.
>> Alas it does. But users don't know that and shouldn't be expected to
>> understand the subtleties of operating systems, that's our job. In their
>> world, when they use Windows or MacOS, a trashcan exists and should exist on
>> servers as well.
>Yes, I feel I have to chime in here.  I have had one user who was used to
>using their Recycle Bin as a temporary holding spot for documents on
>standalone machines, if you can believe that.  They were quite upset when
>they got to the network I was servicing and found out all their network
>stuff was not coming out in the Recycle Bin after being deleted.
>Sometimes I hate users :).  I agree, users have come to expect to be able
>to undelete things and that should be a functionality that we can provide
>if needed.
>I have no clue on how to best implement it in Samba though :)
> Sean E. Millichamp, Consultant
> Ingematics - A Division of Compu-Aid, Inc.

I believe Windows uses a file list which indexes the files AND folders in
the recycle bin for each drive. 
It would seem this scheme is relatively simple and could be implemented
using btree/hash/{g|n}dbm
databases for fast access.

Question -- It SEEMS that shares on Win9x machines use the share's local
recycle bin if deleted remotely (i.e., two WinX machines sharing files.) Is
this true? (I can't test it -- I'm on a plane right now)


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