Samba vs. NetAppliance

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"Sanborn, Ed" said:

>Is there any reason besides price that I should stick with Samba?

Pro-Samba Argument:
	PDC capability
	Much better control over who accesses what filesystems.
	Access to source code.
	A great mailing list to support you with very good response time
	Tons of documentations
	The ability to set up as many or as few Samba servers as you want/need
	for the same price
	Thousands of people using/testing/beating on/improving the software
	A much better price then NetApp

Pro-NetApp Argument:
	A corporate-backed piece of software
	An expensive price tag on a per-server basis
	Quite slow tech support response time
	Someone for management to blame/sue when it doesn't work as well.

I love NetApps.  I have 3 of them.  I won't buy the CIFS license because:

	1. To expensive
	2. Not enough flexibility
	3. No PDC support
	4. Tech support isn't that great with NFS, why would CIFS support be 
	   any better?

By the way, you can configure Samba to map filesystems based on automount 
points coming from a NetApp box.  That's how I do it here.

I hope that helps.

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