newbie: where and how to use smbmount with 2.04b ?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Jun 21 02:49:28 GMT 1999

> Somewhere in the documentation (don't remember exactly where) it
> states that smbmount is not really supported by the samba team so it's
> not enabled by default;

It hasn't been supported by the Samba Team recently as no one on the
team uses it. The fact that it is Linux specific also doesn't help.

I have, however, just voluntered to start maintaining smbfs (and thus
smbmount) so you can now consider it supported again. I've done quite
a bit of work on it in the last couple of weeks and you should find
that quite a few bugs are fixed for the next release. Most of the
fixes were in the kernel fixing things like timestamps and some Win95
workarounds and those changes went into the 2.2.10 kernel release. I
also rewrote smbmount to use the new Samba 2.0 client library which
halved the amount of source code while increasing the
functionality. The smbmount changes will be in the Samba 2.0.5
release or you can get them now from CVS or with rsync.

To build it you need to configure Samba with the --with-smbmount option.

I apologise for lack of support for smbfs/smbmount over the last year
or so. We just haven't had anyone who uses it and has volunteered to
maintain it until now. I didn't want to take it on until I finished my
PhD as I already had too many projects.

Cheers, Tridge

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