Passwords and NT

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sun Jun 20 21:24:37 GMT 1999

Chad Thunberg wrote:
> I have hacked the windows registries to enable clear 
> text passwords across the lan.  The problem is
> when you log into the NT workstation, you have to 
> re-enter the password to connect to samba shares 
> even though the initial login password is the same
> as the samba password.  The windows 9x clients do not 
> have this issue when remounting shares when you log in.  
> We run a variety of different samba servers and 
> becomes increasingly annoying when you have to enter the same
> password 10 times when logging into the NT box after 
> rebooting (which is done often for obvious reasons).  
> Any help would be appreciated.

Windows NT will not transmit the plain text password 
automatically to any SMB server.  Thus the password prompt.
However, the exception to this is when a user is logging on
and NT is connecting the user's home directory.

Also it is good to remember that validation to a server 
in user level security is only necessary for the first 
resource conneciton.  For example,

	net use h: \\server1\homes
	password prompt:
	the command completed successfully.

	net use i: \\server1\apps
	the command completed successfully.

Hope this helps,
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