Problem with Samba: "The account is not authorized to login from this

Levent Gündogdu levon at
Sat Jun 19 19:45:16 GMT 1999

Hi Asvhin!

Puh! I`m getting tired to answer the same questions all the time. How about
putting together a
FAQ and post it regularly to this list?

Well, Samba uses clear text passwords by default. There are two ways to fix
the first, more simple way, is to enable clear text passwords of all
clients. Use
the NT4_PlainPassword.reg file, which resides in the docs directory of your
samba distribution. After a reboot, all NT machines should be able to
use shares (and home directories) of the server with security = user.

The second way is to enable encrypted passwords with samba. I`m using
Samba 2.0.4 to accomplish this. You also need to add each users password
via "smbpasswd -a [user] [password]" (without the quotes) to make samba
store the password hashes.

Hope it helps. (Please put this into the FAQ, I`ve answered this many
times... Thanks.)


> I am having a problem configuring Samba to work with my NT mahcines. I
> can see the linux server from my NT machines. Under security=user, when
> I attempt to browse the linux machine's shares, it asks for a username
> and password, and then fails, telling me "The account is not authorized
> to login from this station." If I set security = share, I can browse the
> shares, but when I try and open my home directory, it gives me the same
> error. All this is using the default smb.conf (that came with RedHat
> 5.1) except for a change in the workgroup name.

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