WinNT to Unix

Levent Gündogdu levon at
Sat Jun 19 19:36:01 GMT 1999

Hi Andrew.

Yes, actually it is possible in both directions. Use smbmount to accomplish
Note that the kernel must be compiled with smbfs on.

BTW: I`m using smbmount myself with one little problem: when shutting down
the machine, all network devices go down first. After that, all file systems are

unmounted. My system hangs there, when I leave smb-mounts mounted, because
they cannot be unmounted anymore (no NET-IFs left). Does anybody know how
to solve this little ugly problem?


> I currently have a network of 3 SG Unix boxes to which I want to add an SG
> running WinNT, I know that I can serve unix file systems to WinNT. Is it
> possible to serve WInNT drives to Unix using Samba ?, If not can you suggest
> any possibilities.

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