Can a router be a local master browser in a NT domain?

Johan Meiring jjm at
Sat Jun 19 13:29:21 GMT 1999


It should not be neccesary to setup samba at all (which probably makes this
the wrong list to publish the answer :-), but seing as the question was
asked here (and the question is samba related))

I have a very similar setup:

+-------------+      +-------------------+   +-----------------+
+   a.b.c.d   +      +                   +   +  192.168.1.x    +
+             +      +    linux          +   +                 +
+ real world  +------+    router         +---+  private IP's   +
+     I.P's   +      +                   +   +                 +
+  PDC, BDC   +      +                   +   + 95 workstations +
+-------------+      +--------+----------+   +-----------------+

-  The a.b.c.d (Real IPs) as well as the 192.168.1.x (Private IPs) use the
Linux router as default GW

-  The ipfwadm / ipchains rules are set up as follows:

   Rule 1:  192.168.1.x  --->  a.b.c.d  (forward WITHOUT masquerading)
   Rule 2:  192.168.1.x  --->  (forward WITH masquerading)

Rule 1 needs to be BEFORE rule two two ensure that communication to NT
severs are not masqueraded.  Because NT servers also use linux as default GW
they can reach 192.168 private IPs.

On the local network, the networks can both see each other without
masquerading.  i.e.  the 95's will select their own browse master and as
long as you have a wins server on your PDC/BDC side, everyting works.

The 95's will only be masqueraded if they try to contact the internet.

If you need copies of routing table/ipchains script.  Please email me.



>Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 08:27:52 +0200
>From: "Bernhard Riegel (sdm)" <Bernhard.Riegel at>
>To: samba at
>Subject: Can a router be a local master browser in a NT domain?
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>Can a router between two subnets (call it A and B) be the local master
>browser of the one subnet (net A) in a NT domain, when the Domain Master
>Browser (as well as PDC and BDC) are located in the other subnet (B)?
>Will say, does the Domain Master Browser of a NT domain accept a Local
>Master Browser in the same subnet (as the router is accessed from B via
>the interface ethB)?
>The reason for my question is as follows:
>I want to setup Samba on a router (linux), which connects two subnets A
>and B, where B is an official subnet and A has IP addresses of the
>private namespace. The router masquerades the private IP's.
>The existing NT domain in B should be also accessible for NT clients in
>subnet A. For this reason I want samba to act as a local master browser
>for net A and to exchange browselists with the domain master browser in
>net B. Netbios nameresolution will be done via WINS.
>Domain Master Browser, PDC, WINS etc. are running on WinNT4.0 (SP3 or
>If anyone has already setup Samba (2.0) to be a local master browser
>(without producing errors in the logfiles of the domain master browser),
>an example for smb.conf would be nice.
>Thank You for any suggestion.

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