Passwords and NT

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sat Jun 19 01:01:41 GMT 1999

When the world was young, "Chad Thunberg" <chadth at> 
carved some runes like this:  

> I am running a samba server 2.0.0 on a freebsd box.  I am
> connecting to the server using windows 9x and NT clients.  I have
> hacked the windows registries to enable clear text passwords
> across the lan.  The problem is when you log into the NT
> workstation, you have to re-enter the password to connect to
> samba shares even though the initial login password is the same
> as the samba password.  The windows 9x clients do not have this
> issue when remounting shares when you log in.  We run a variety
> of different samba servers and becomes increasingly annoying when
> you have to enter the same password 10 times when logging into
> the NT box after rebooting (which is done often for obvious
> reasons).  Any help would be appreciated. 

It sounds like you're running samba in user level security mode 
(ie, security = user) and do not have an NT PDC to handle 
authentication.  Is that right?  I suppose share level security 
would produce the same behavior...

Have you tried running one samba box as a password server and 
pointing the other samba boxes in that direction?  AFAIK, there's 
no PDC functionality in samba 1.9.x (only basic domain logins) but 
the 2.x tree has more and more PDC support in each version.  Even 
without turning on the PDC stuff, couldn't you use domain login 
scripts (actually cheesy batch files) to specify the passwords and 
mount the shares?  I'm not sure about the permissions on the batch 
files (visibility of passwords, etc), but it's worth a shot.


Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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