need undelete function (Jeremy, what is your idea?)

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Fri Jun 18 12:56:32 GMT 1999


At 12.05 18/06/99 +0200, Michel wrote:
>This I agree with; it should actually be a feature of a filesystem.
>In spite of such ample wisdom, it does not help those running samba on 
>other unix flavours than those that support such filesystems.

yes, I know, but I think a versioning scheme would hurt performance to much
when not implemented at the filesystem layer. Furthermore many unices do
have their versioning filesystem today. The Linux one is free, the other
aren't so they don't come along with the basic packages, but do exists.

>OTOH, one could also argue that any sane backup policy would always
>allow for the sysadmin to restore yesterday's version. Sysadmins are
>not fond of swapping tapesets all the time though.

of course good backups are always needed, but there are many drawbacks.
Backups are usually performed on a daily basis so your wonderful routine
that finally solve unsolvable NP complete problems and that took you the
whole day to implement and that you overwrited just 3 minutes before the
3:00 am backup routine backed it up ins't in the yesterday backup ;)
Furthermore even if it is in the yesterday backup looking for your 3 KB
file in your wonderful 3 TB backup set could take quite a long. A
versioning filesystem would be the optimal solution, at the espense of disk
occupation, but a simple trashcan implemented in Samba could at least
protect against unwanted deletions, which are really common especially with
windows users, without the need of a full versioning filesystem and without
hurting performances a lot.

Now, a bit less words and a few more coding ? ;)

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