need undelete function (Jeremy, what is your idea?)

michel at michel at
Thu Jun 17 19:13:00 GMT 1999

>> ps: my little suggestion: if we add some parameters at smb.conf like
>>        protected dir = /home/share, /home/user1 ;
>>        trashcan dir = /smbtrash ;
>It seems that implementation of such parameter has some difficulties and
>eventuates reduction on performance (e.g. handling "protected dir"s and
>"trash dir" on the different devices like /dev/hda1 & /dev/hdb1).
>I suggest a service specific parameter in smb.conf like the followings:
>	remove utility = /etc/scripts/saferm
>The benefits with such policy are:
>1. The implementation in SAMBA code is much easier.
>2. The undelete policy is fully under control of administrator in a per
>service or global manner.
>3. The administrator can turns off it for performance critical services.
>I am a subscriber of both lists, and have seen a lot of asks for this
>capability as yet. SAMBA team, What is your idea?

This would however result in concertn about performance when this
option *is* used. Also, it does not avoid a (time costly) check
whenever a file is to be unlink()ed.
It also does not deal with archiving versions when a file is 
instead of deleted.
I guess any sort of undelete-functionality should be toggled with a 
#define of some sort if performance either way is an issue.
I don't think that the ease of coding is a valid argument here =).


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