Passwords and NT

Chad Thunberg chadth at
Thu Jun 17 15:56:14 GMT 1999

I have searched the archives and the internet and found nothing on this
topic but I know it's a known issue.  Second I would like to say this has
nothing to do with NTDOM.

I am running a samba server 2.0.0 on a freebsd box.  I am connecting to the
server using windows 9x and NT clients.  I have hacked the windows
registries to enable clear text passwords across the lan.  The problem is
when you log into the NT workstation, you have to re-enter the password to
connect to samba shares even though the initial login password is the same
as the samba password.  The windows 9x clients do not have this issue when
remounting shares when you log in.  We run a variety of different samba
servers and becomes increasingly annoying when you have to enter the same
password 10 times when logging into the NT box after rebooting (which is
done often for obvious reasons).  Any help would be appreciated.


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