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Herb Lewis herb at
Thu Jun 17 15:49:43 GMT 1999

I don't use samba on linux. The samba mailing list would be a better
place to ask this question so I am sending it there.

Saed Al-Shaer wrote:
> Dear Herb,
> I would like to thank you for the effort you spent on making Samba. I am
> currently working on a project that depends on Samba standards. And I
> would like to ask you the following question which is related to the
> SMB.
> If I set the smbconf file of the Samba so that it operates on LANMAN 1.0
> dialect then the server will send in its negotiate response to the
> client the maximum buffer size the server can handle. My question is
> "Based on what the Linux operating system determines this value"
> I would highly appreciate your cooperating
> Waiting for your email very soon.
> Sincerely,
> Saed Al-Shaer

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