Logon.bat with samba

Ralf Christmann rchristmann at zh.unipektin.ch
Thu Jun 17 11:38:37 GMT 1999


I've tried to make out of my samba 2.0.3 server a logon server.
I' ve set 
domain logons = Yes
domain master = No
local master =Yes
os level = 65
preferred master =Yes
wins support = No

I made a share as recommended [netlogon] and place there a logon.bat.
The logon.bat contains
net use z: \\servername\public
for testing if the logon.bat is excecuted by login to the server.
But it isn't excecuted!
What's wrong?
Have I really to set the samba server as wins server ( I?m sorry,
but I do not understand much of this netbios and so on).
I don't want to use profiles!
The clients get theri IP-Adress via dhcp. 
I' m member of the right workgroup and all shares (incuding netlogon) are
And after that I can excecute the logon.bat manually, of course.

Best regards 

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