SAMBA config. (security=domain)

Nicola Lamarca Nicola.Lamarca at
Thu Jun 17 07:00:17 GMT 1999

Dear all,
	I've tried to setup a directory share with SAMBA using the
option security=domain.
Infact I want that all the users' authentication is forwarded to an NT
PDC without making UNIX users or mapping such users to NT domain ones.	
Anyway I had my Linux machine in the domain (through the PDC), then I
used smbpasswd -j <DOM> -r <PDC>.
After all, starting nmdb and smdb, I could see a share, previously
created with swat, to which only a registered domain user (i.e. foo) can
access. Trying with Windog98 (and with the foo account) to go into this
directory the Linux Box doesn't seem to ask for authantication of the
user, infact it requires his password. Besides even if I provide the
right password, the samba server doesn't recognize it as valid.

Which are the right steps to be done for making the samba server to
silently authenticate all the users through a NT PDC ?

What do I have to do at boot time ?

Thanks for your help, Nicola.

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