Wastebasket/Recycle bin?

Chris Hoogendyk choogend at library.umass.edu
Wed Jun 16 20:24:13 GMT 1999

> Am I missing something here?
> Unless I am wrong, the "Recycle Bin" works only on
> LOCAL drives.
> I have not seen any options for network drives on any
> of my 95, 98 or NT clients, or NT servers.  Somebody
> correct me if I am wrong, and tell me how to enable it.
> I'm not sure Samba is the resource to use for an
> un-delete.  I think it should be a client option, although
> I would see it as a benefit (and a headache).
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> sjarntzen at esi-il.com

If I am correct, the Trash on the Mac is context based. It's contents
vary according to the drive you have selected (diskette, local drive,
network drive, etc). The contents of the Trash reside on the drive in
question. Emptying it affects only the selected drive. 

If the drive is a network drive, I thought the Trash was a per user
thing that existed while the drive was mounted (I'm a lone Mac in an
NT/Unix environment now, so I have no Apple server to play with any
more). When you dismount a network drive it asks you if you want to
empty the trash. I could be wrong on the details, because it has been a
while. But the memory of a message regarding network drive trash is a
firm memory.

Who's doing what, I'm not sure. The files and Trash directory are
probably on the server (you move links rather than copying files), but
might be managed by the workstation. There needs to be a basic
understanding between the two on what is being done. Joe's network Trash
on the server should not be seen by Ted. A systems administrator at the
server might see all, however.

You can see the overhead by mounting a PC diskette on a Mac and then
taking it back and mounting it on a PC. The files for desktop, Trash,
etc are all visible.


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