Wastebasket/Recycle bin?

Steve Arntzen sjarntzen at esi-il.com
Wed Jun 16 19:22:44 GMT 1999

Am I missing something here?

Unless I am wrong, the "Recycle Bin" works only on
LOCAL drives.

I have not seen any options for network drives on any
of my 95, 98 or NT clients, or NT servers.  Somebody
correct me if I am wrong, and tell me how to enable it.

Like Jonathan Kelly, I mirror network drives at night to
a backup server which writes them to tape during the
day.  The backup server is running samba just so an
administrator can easily move files back to the
network drive if they were erased by mistake.
I mirror incrementally, so I have over a week of
backups on disk for easy retreival.

This works fine for me.

I'm not sure Samba is the resource to use for an
un-delete.  I think it should be a client option, although
I would see it as a benefit (and a headache).

Steve Arntzen
Computer Systems Administrator
Engineering Systems Inc.
Aurora, IL
sjarntzen at esi-il.com

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