NT domain

Mike Majetich MMajetich at gptx.com
Wed Jun 16 17:53:49 GMT 1999

As a new Linux user, I'm having difficulty getting Samba to integrate
properly with my NT domain.  I've installed the latest version on S.u.S.E.
Linux 6.0 
I've got it to work using "security = server" etc. but as soon as I switch
to "security = domain" access is denied.  I've even gotten the Linux machine
to be accepted into the NT domain, but my users can't get authenticated.
What could I be missing I've been through every Howto I can find on adding a
Samba server to a Domain and I must be missing something.  Could you publish
a complete sample smbconf.rec with a standard domain setup. 


Mike Majetich

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