Shem contact at
Wed Jun 16 12:20:54 GMT 1999

Hello all.
My first mail message to this group so I hope I follow all expected
procedures, and ask what may be seen as a worthy Q

 What I want to do is to have some detailed accounting of interactions with
the windows boxs that have access to a linux drive using samba. Mostly the
windows machines don't logon to an account for a user, just a shared
location on the linux drive.

I want to be able to track and watch file usage, user interaction and
general "who did what" with the file system.

 There are a bunch of shared files on the drive which many users have equal
rights to (read and write) and I just want to be able to see who is
affecting it and when, so I could generate a log.

 I hope I can write a nice little script that could gather the information
in a meaningful manner. but the "how to get the relavant detail" which I'm
finding hard to gather, as a file doesn't seem to give much clue about who
touch it last.

So my question who be, how do I get accounting details of such a situation.


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