Samba 2.0.4b & NT 4.0 SP5 gives Remote Procedure Call Error 1728

Steve Matus mosman at
Wed Jun 16 07:01:51 GMT 1999


I'm running NT 4.0 (ws & server) with SP5. Everything was running fine
with samba 2.0.0, but after building and installing 2.0.4b (freebsd 2.2.8)
trying to browse the server shares results in a 

"A remote procedure call (RPC) protocol error occured." 

	net view \\myserver 

also produces the same error message:

"System error 1728 has occurred.
 A remote procedure call (RPC) protocol error occured."

No other problems have been encountered. I can still use specific shares
and read-write to them. e.g:

	net use \\myserver\myshare
works as expected with 2.0.4b

I'm not sure what has changed between smbd 2.0.0 and smbd 2.0.4
(internally) since doing a 

	net view \\myserver

gives a list of shares (as expected) with the old smbd. 

Has anyone seen this sort of behavior? Thanks!

--Steve Matus

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