smaba and bidirectional printer

Chris Scheller schelcj at
Wed Jun 16 04:45:27 GMT 1999

Anyone ever setup samba printing with a
bidirectional printer? I have setup my box to print to my wifes win98
machine with HP deskjet660Cse printer attached to her machine. I can print
with the exception that when i send jobs to the printer it hangs and gives
an error, but if you press the page feed on the printer it will spit the
job out just fine. Now i guess i could just press taht button every time i
send a print job, but i am lazy. I checked the HP site to make sure it is
a bidirectional problem. I am assuming that when i send a job the printer
is trying to communicate back to the printer but can't becuase i am
printing via samba. I believe my box sends to job straight to the printer
becuase i never see the job in the win98 que. I have tried the :rw: option
in my printcap with no luck. This is only printing ascii print jobs, i
have not setup postscript yet. Sorry this is so long, thanks for any help!

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