Siggins, Douglas dsiggins at scanoptics.com
Tue Jun 15 20:51:57 GMT 1999

Just a general inquiry for a new user to the SAMBA suite of products.

I currently use samba to connect to our offices WIN 95' NT 4.0  clients.
I have been succesful in using smbclient to connect to shares. But after
connecting how do I change directory to anything with a space in it such
as 'IP info' .. If I try cd IP info.. it replies something like:
unrecognized directory 'IP'

other problem:

I use SWAT to configure the smb.conf file .. however I cannot specify
which smb.conf to configure... I currently have it located in my /etc
directory on server1.  However when I push the view icon in my web
browser it  tells me that I am configuring a smb.conf file on another
computer. (It just happens to be my firewall) is this because I have
netscape configured for a proxy? It's faking out SWAT?

other question:

I ran across a program several weeks ago called tkchooser, it is
supposed to be a graphical tk interface for the Samba suite, has anybody
used or configured this puppy? I have installed it, but after running
the install script and the tkchooser program nothing happens. Any
suggestions? Is it worth it? Is there anything else that would have this

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