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James Strauch jamey at
Tue Jun 15 16:24:15 GMT 1999

Samba Heros:

I am having trouble building the guest options into the latest samba. I am
building samba 2.0.3 on a Solaris 2.6 system. The docs state that the guest
access can be compiled into the binary by setting a parameter in a specific
header file. The parameter is located in smb.h ( here is a snippet)
   Do you want session setups at user level security with a invalid 
   password to be rejected or allowed in as guest? WinNT rejects them 
   but it can be a pain as it means "net view" needs to use a password

   You have 3 choices in the setting of map_to_guest:

   "NEVER_MAP_TO_GUEST" means session setups with an invalid password 
   are rejected. This is the default.

   "MAP_TO_GUEST_ON_BAD_USER" means session setups with an invalid password 
   are rejected, unless the username does not exist, in which case it 
   is treated as a guest login

   "MAP_TO_GUEST_ON_BAD_PASSWORD" means session setups with an invalid password
   are treated as a guest login

   Note that map_to_guest only has an effect in user or server 
   level security. 


#endif /* _SMB_H */

/* _SMB_H */ 

So how do I correctly set these parameters?  In the end I want

Basically I want to compile REAL guest access into samba, so I do not have to
open UNIX permissions up to wide in order to make a share available without a
password prompt. In addition I want guest access to work the same way for local
printing. So what should I set this to. If I remember correctly the variable
had to be set to 0,1,or 2.

Thanks in advance for you help.

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