need undelete function

Jonathan Kelly j.kelly at
Tue Jun 15 15:39:16 GMT 1999

> ps: my little suggestion: if we add some parameters at smb.conf like
>        protected dir = /home/share, /home/user1 ;
>        trashcan dir = /smbtrash ;

Such an addon to samba would make me weep tears of joy. The trashcan is a
"security blanket" feature that Windows/MacOS/OS2/BeOS users now take for
granted. Convincing them that this is now impossible because we've moved
from NT to a k-RaD lInUx/sAmbA(tm) server is rather hard to achieve. 

I'm currently building a "backup" server. It's basically a linux box in
another building (fires, y'know) with a few large HDs where each night, the
contents of the HDs of all the servers on the network is copied. The data is
then backed-up on tapes during the day. So if a user deletes an important
file, he can at least retrieve last night's copy (which is better than
nothing or waiting five hours for a tape restore). A trashcan, though, would
be an added bonus and make our users very very happy. 


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