quotas: documentation? Properties?

David Lee T.D.Lee at durham.ac.uk
Tue Jun 15 15:19:42 GMT 1999

System: samba 2.0.4b on Solaris 2.x

Starting point:  PC's "Properties" window on a share of home directories;
diskspace Used/Free "pie-chart" and figures.

A colleague asked me yesterday whether this properties window could
display the diskspace information, using the user's UNIX quota rather than
the physical space on the disk.

Our environment has potentially 14,000 users, each with a home directory
on samba.  On a typical UNIX volume there are several hundred users, with
their occupancy and free-space controlled by quota (contrast with a single
user, whose occupancy and free-space would be governed by the physical
capacity of the volume).  In this environment it would be far more natural
for all these "Properties" figures and the pie chart to show occupancy and
free-space from the quota, rather than from "df"-type output.

Naturally I did a quick "grep -i quota" through the samba distribution. 
Though this indicated an experimental "--with-quotas" option, there is
apparently no documentation.  Having re-built samba using "--with-quotas",
the "Properties" still shows physical diskspace.

(a) What does the "with-quotas" try to do?

(b) Where is it documented?

(c) How, if at all, does it relate to the "Properties" information on a

(d) Does my idea above seem reasonable?  (If not, then why not, please?)

(e) Assuming it is reasonable, should I have a go at trying to implement
    it, presumably using a new "smb.conf(5)" option to enable it?


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