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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Tue Jun 15 16:05:08 GMT 1999

A while back, Greg Skouby <gskouby at> asked this:  

> I am running Samba on a FreeBSD box in a network of Windows95
> machines. I have Samba installed on the FreeBSD machine and I
> want to set up a /tmp directory so everybody can read that wants
> to. I think I have this done but everytime somebody tries to map
> to \\SERVER\tmp they get prompted for a password. I don't want
> them to get prompted for a password, can somebody give me an
> example config for a tmp directory that won't prompt for a
> password? I thought I was reading the docs alright and had the
> guest services set up right but apparently not. This is what I
> currently have for the global and tmp parameters in my smb.conf
> file: 

> [global]
>    netbios name = GREG
>    workgroup = SITESNOW
>    load printers = no
>    guest account = nobody
>    guest ok = true
>    lock directory = /usr/local/samba/var/locks
>    share modes = yes
I would think you'd want to move this down to the share definition 

>  [tmp]
>    comment = Temporary file space
>    path = /tmp
>    read only = yes
>    public = yes

An make sure the /tmp directory has the right permissions (it 
should, but it never hurts to check).  However, if you (as 
sysadmin) are going to put certain files there for your users to 
access (read), you might want to create the share directory 
elsewhere, otherwise the users will see all the other files the 
system puts in /tmp...

Just a thought, Steve

Steve Arnold           

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